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05 DECEMBER 2019

Sailing on winter: 4 tips

For those who navigate is a pleasure and not just a summer activity, having to wait at good temperatures can be a torture. Sailing in winter has its charm and advantages. In general, winter navigation is quieter, rents are cheaper and can be used to avoid losing practice.


  1. First and fundamental step: check the weather forecast. If there is a bad weather forecast, it is preferable that you set aside your trip for another day.
  2. Plan the route to navigate taking advantage of the hours of Sun. It is advisable to avoid night navigation.
  3. Take the right clothes for the occasion. The fabrics that best withstand the temperature are thermal or polar clothing, natural fabrics (cotton or wool) are moistened with sweat and can make you go cold. Warm up with different layers, it is possible that during the day you need to take off some of them. The important thing is to maintain heat and body temperature. Remember to wrap your head, hands and feet.
    Important! Fight humidity. The outer layers would have to be waterproof to protect you from water and humidity, since the latter increases the feeling of cold. It is best to always wear a change of clothes, just in case. If the journey is long (more than 24 hours), we advise you to carry them in a well insulated bag since they can take humidity.
  4. Prepare food and drinks that give you energy. There is no more comforting feeling than a hot drink in the middle of winter.

Do you want to try it? We love the tranquility and serenity of sailing in winter. Do you have more questions? Send us any questions you have to info@becharter.com or Instagram/Facebook.

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