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04 APRIL 2019 Environment

The deposit of sewage and the prevention of discharges into the sea

At BeCharter we are committed to the environment and we want to promote good practices at sea, so today we want to talk about the black water tank. As the law indicates, our boats equipped with toilets have a deposit designed to retain the sewage generated during the permanence of the boat in areas with limitations of this type discharges, and with sufficient capacity for the number of people on board.

The legal regulation regarding the prevention of discharges in leisure boats prohibits the discharge of sewage in port areas, protected areas, estuaries, bays, etc. Regarding offshore discharge, in the case of BeCharter rental boats, because of the type of deposit, it must be made from 12 miles, which is when the discharge is allowed without the need for sewage disposal. Therefore, when you sail with one of our rental boats, remember that you must leave the tank valve closed if you are less than 12 miles from the coast. To unload the tank, from 12 miles, you must carry a speed higher than 4 knots.

However, we recommend that you empty the tank when you stop in any of the ports on our coasts, using the collection systems of the port facility, which suck the sewage and channel it to the sewer system. In that case, it will be necessary to contact the port captaincy. This procedure is more respectful with the environment.

On the other hand, you must also remember that it is important to make a rational use of the toilet and not to throw papers or any other material, as it would cause the clogging of the black water tank.


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