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05 JUNE 2019 Environment

World Environment Day

Today is the World Environment Day, so we want to tell you about good practices at sea so that your charter in the Mediterranean is as respectful as possible with the marine environment.

In the first place, it is usual that a certain amount of waste is generated in your boat rental output, so it is important that the warehouses are properly in the boat and then thrown once in the port, using the selective collection containers of the port installation. To do this, separate your waste in the boat and then make later management in the port easier, you can use for example mini-containers, bags of different colors, etc. The well of anchors is a good place to store the garbage until it can be unloaded in the port, and this way we avoid bad odors in the boat.

Although it is allowed to throw organic matter (food remains) from 12 miles off the coast, it is always advisable to keep it on board as well and deposit it in the container of the specific port of organic matter. And we can not forget the cigarette butts. Cigarette filters are not biodegradable and they spend hundreds of years until they disappear in the marine environment, so avoid throwing cigarette butts overboard, they will spend a lot of time there and it is not good for the environment.

Another way to prevent the generation of marine litter is to avoid the use of single-use plastics and to always opt for biodegradable products or reusable products whenever possible. It is also important to always monitor your accessories (glasses, shoes, bags ...) so that they do not fall overboard, you will lose something valuable and they will also be in the marine environment for hundreds of years too. As for the dirty waters, something inevitable in a boat rental of one or several days or a vacation in a sailboat, as the MARPOL agreement marks, our rental boats have a deposit that stores this type of waste. You must keep the sewage tank valve closed while you are sailing, and wait to be at the port to unload the tank with the port facility collection system. Consult the crew in case of doubt and follow our previous post.

Finally, the oceanic Posidonia, a marine phanerogam that contributes to maintaining the transparency and purity of the water since it exerts an important function in the filtration of sediments, and produces a large amount of oxygen. Currently the posidonia meadows are in the process of regression due to pollution and also by the anchorage of pleasure boats, among other causes. The anchor can uproot a large area of ​​this plant, and we must bear in mind that the posidonia has a very slow growth. Therefore, if you rent a boat in the Balearic Islands, remember to organize your anchorages in advance and check the posidonia areas. In this link you will find cartographies of the Posidonia meadows found in the Balearic Islands: http://lifeposidonia.caib.es/user/carto/index_cs.htm

Always respect the environment, since that is where you do your favorite nautical activity!


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